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Valerio Dorico: Music Printer in Sixteenth-Century Rome (Studies in musicology)

Valerio Dorico: Music Printer
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Valerio Dorico (Brescia, XV secolo – Roma, fine XV secolo) è stato un tipografo italiano.
Nell'arco di sedici anni (1539-1555) stampò numerose edizioni. Lavorò prettamente per l'Accademia Romana col fratello Luigi Dorico.

Valerio Dorico (Brescia, XV century - Rome, late fifteenth century) was an Italian typographer.
Over the course of sixteen years (1539-1555) he printed numerous editions. He worked purely for the Roman Academy with his brother Luigi Dorico.

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Libro secondo da la Croce (Dorico, Valerio)
First Publication 1531

Valerius Dorich Valerio Dorico


In 1543, Cristobál de Morales (Spanish-born composer) signed a contract with Valerio Dorico, a printer in Rome, and two other publishers. Over the next year, he oversaw publication of the Missarum liber primus, which appeared on the market in 1544.


... The year 1544, the last full year he (Cristobál de Morales) spent in Rome, was one of singular importance for Morales. In that year he brought together and published a major retrospective collection of no fewer than 16 Masses distributed over two books, to be printed in Rome by Valerio Dorico. Over 500 copies of each book were published, ensuring a wide dissemination for the works.

Das Jahr 1544, das letzte, das er in vollem Umfange in Rom verbrachte, war für Morales von einzigartiger Bedeutung. In diesem Jahr veröffentlichte er eine über zwei Bücher verteilte retrospektive Sammlung von nicht weniger als 16 Messen, die in Rom bei Valerio Dorico in Druck ging. Von jedem Buch wurden mehr als 500 Kopien veröffentlicht, was eine weite Verbreitung der Werke garantierte.


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